Remap your Wacom pen buttons to be more like Windows

I've been driving Avid DS on a tablet since forever, and it's always been that the 'forward' part of the pen button (the one closest to the tip) was a Right-Click, while the back part was a Double Left-Click.  Handy, because double-tapping on a tablet usually just results in dragging things around the screen a couple pixels at a time rather than doing something useful as you intended.  Anyway, I wanted the same thing on Smoke/Flame so I'd have one less muscle memory to retrain.

To remap your Wacom pen's buttons in Linux means using the xsetwacom utility.  I can only speak for Smoke Advanced/Flame 2014 and above on Red Hat Enterprise 6, but the easiest way to do this (and to restrict it to your own user) is to make a file in your home directory called .wacomcplrc to put your xsetwacom commands in and make it executable.

First, the driver sees the stylus buttons as such:


By default Button 1 is a Left-Click, Button 2 is a Middle-Click, and Button 3 is a Right-Click.  I want to move Button 3 to Button 2, and re-assign Button 3 to be a double-click.

Login to your normal user and open a shell window:

nano ~/.wacomcplrc

and then fill it with:

/usr/bin/xsetwacom set STYLUS button2 3
/usr/bin/xsetwacom set STYLUS button3 "button 1 button 1"

Save it, and make it executable:

chmod +x ~/.wacomcplrc

The first xsetwacom command remaps Button 2 to be Button 3, which we just specify as the simple button index 3.  The second command sets Button 3 to be a Double Left-Click, specified as a string of commands - the 'button 1' command, twice.

Note that STYLUS is a device identifier and might not be what is used on your system if it's older, in which case it might be called just wacom or something else entirely.  From a shell, do:

xsetwacom list dev

and it should be fairly self-explanatory what's what.  If yours has a verbose name containing spaces, make sure you put quotes around it.

Now the bad news..

Unfortunately, while remapping the right-click works fine inside Flame, the double-click does not. I've asked Autodesk several times why this is (and if it could be fixed) but so far have gotten no response.