Command & Conquer Generals in Windows 7 x64

Posted by BobM on March 9, 2014

Update 20-Jan-2016:

If you buy Command & Conquer on Origin it should work fine without having to hack anything. Even runs in Windows 10. Unfortunately, Generals and Zero Hour can't be purchased separately anymore on Origin, but they are available in the whole Ultimate Collection.

While Command & Conquer: Generals and Zero Hour seem to install OK in Windows 7, actually running them, well, not so much.  When you try to launch the game, you might find you get the first splash screen (where the DRM checks disc 1) followed by a slightly larger splash screen, and then... nothing.  Eventually you'll get an error dialog that "a serious error has occurred" and that "game.dat" has crashed.

For whatever reason, C&C seems to have trouble writing out a default options.ini file when launching the game for the first time, or otherwise dies because it can't find one.

G-Speed eS PRO 12TB Review

Posted by BobM on May 9, 2013


To call this drive array "whisper-quiet" – as G-Tech likes to tout on their literature – is to call the Grand Canyon a "small drainage ditch."

Simpsons Tapped Out - Fastest Money

Posted by BobM on March 9, 2013

I've been playing SImpsons Tapped Out and started to wonder, when I send one of the characters off on a task, what generates the most money and/or XP the quickest?

With some free time while it's snowing outside and a little bit of easy math, here's what I've come up with based on a few of the characters I currently have access to on Level 12.  The summary?  The longer a task takes, the less return you actually get for the time.

So this is funny. I'd sent a message to Colorado state representative Daniel Kagan on some issue or another months and months ago, and subsequently have been getting little email updates from him once in awhile on whatever his issue of the day happened to be.

Thursday morning I got another one, a whine about some mailer that his opponent this year sent out that said "I'm tired of political [ass]s" -- except [ass] was a picture of a donkey's head.

I thought it was funny, and decided to reply back to Kagan's complaining with a short one-line suggestion that he obtain a sense of humor.

Well, today I received his reply:

"You have been unsubscribed from all communications from the Office of Colorado State Representative Daniel Kagan."

I guess maybe that was his picture on the mailer...

Adobe CS6 is still an installation mess

Posted by BobM on May 19, 2012

I'd hoped that instead of spending all their time spraying "new car smell" over the apps, Adobe would take a little time to actually clean up the installation and user experience of them.

No such luck.