Welcome to my personal dump. 

Flame Stuff

I have a few Matchbox shaders and Python scripts for Autodesk Flame, mostly utilities I wrote for myself.. but maybe you'll find them useful too.

Newest updates: Flame 2025 is here! Get SMPTE-2046 guides updated for 2025 and patches for flameTimewarpML for Flame 2025!

Asterisk Primer

A crash-course on setting up Asterisk, from compiling the source to making your first call. Currently out-of-date, but I'll be working on a new version soon.

Other Junk

The SRT-to-CSV converter for Steinberg Nuendo's ADR tool

My simple Lehmann Pizza Dough Calculator for all your New York-style pizza needs

LANfest Colorado 2023

I've been going to LANfest Colorado, a giant 3-day LAN party, for the last several years. Check out my promo for LANfest CO 2023 to get an idea of what it is, and then come play with us next year! Check out the LANfest website for events happening across the country.