SMPTE 2046-2 Overlays

Autodesk Flame viewer overlays for SMPTE 2046-2 safe areas (93% Safe Action, 90% Safe Title) as well as a 4:3 active image and safe title guides. Includes HD and UHD versions.

Load in Flame from the Overlays panel (Alt-3 in 2021 and below, Ctrl-2 in 2021.1 and above.) To install, untar and place in /opt/Autodesk/user/you/guides/pref/ where you is your Flame user or in /opt/Autodesk/presets/flameversion/guides/pref/ for use by everyone.

Looking for guides for Adobe After Effects and/or Premiere? Click here.

Reference document: SMPTE RP 2046-2