Autodesk Flame

A small collection of random bits and things for Autodesk Flame, Flame Assist, Smoke, etc.


One way to fix your Linux partitioning mistake without starting over or otherwise destroying data.


Creates Flame .ttg Text setups from .csv files for automatic slate creation
A plugin for Lightwave 3D to export keyframes to Autodesk Flame and Avid DS (RIP)
SMPTE 2046-2 safe title & safe action overlays for Autodesk Flame
A Python script for Autodesk Flame that lets you control the Blackmagic SmartScope directly from Flame
Strip the crap off the end of sequence names brought in from Avid AAFs.
A temporary patch to make flameTimewarpML 0.4.3 (MacOS) work on Autodesk Flame 2025
A temporary patch to make flameTimewarpML 0.4.4 (Linux) work on Autodesk Flame 2025

Matchbox Shaders

A simple Matchbox Transition that comps the incoming clip with alpha over the outgoing clip. Stop making staircases on your timeline!
A simple crop effect matchbox shader for Autodesk Flame, Smoke, Flare, etc. with optional borders
Draws simple adjustable horizontal and vertical guides for centering reference, measuring, etc.
Highlights RGB 0/0/0 pixels, helpful for revealing blanking issues usually caused by shot stabilization
Highlights out-of-gamut colors after RGBYUV conversion
A premultiply/unpremultiply shader with selectable background color
A simple utility Matchbox shader for Flame that quickly outputs the Matte as the Front
A dead-simple Matchbox shader that outputs a solid color. That's it. Useful inside Image effects for tinting material via blending modes.
Flame node