Autodesk Flame

A small collection of random bits and things for Autodesk Flame, Flame Assist, Smoke, etc.


Creates Flame .ttg Text setups from .csv files for automatic slate creation
A plugin for Lightwave 3D to export keyframes to Autodesk Flame and Avid DS (RIP)
SMPTE 2046-2 safe title & safe action overlays for Autodesk Flame
A Python script for Autodesk Flame that lets you control the Blackmagic SmartScope directly from Flame
Strip the crap off the end of sequence names brought in from Avid AAFs.
A temporary patch to make flameTimewarpML 0.4.3 (MacOS) work on Autodesk Flame 2025
A temporary patch to make flameTimewarpML 0.4.4 (Linux) work on Autodesk Flame 2025

Matchbox Shaders

A simple Matchbox Transition that comps the incoming clip with alpha over the outgoing clip. Stop making staircases on your timeline!
A simple crop effect matchbox shader for Autodesk Flame, Smoke, Flare, etc. with optional borders
Draws simple adjustable horizontal and vertical guides for centering reference, measuring, etc.
Highlights RGB 0/0/0 pixels, helpful for revealing blanking issues usually caused by shot stabilization
Highlights out-of-gamut colors after RGBYUV conversion
A premultiply/unpremultiply shader with selectable background color
A simple utility Matchbox shader for Flame that quickly outputs the Matte as the Front
A dead-simple Matchbox shader that outputs a solid color. That's it. Useful inside Image effects for tinting material via blending modes.
Flame node