Welcome to my personal dump.

Hi, I'm Bob.  I've finally created a central place to post all the random bits of crap I produce... and as luck would have it, this is that place.

Premultiply - A new Matchbox shader

Premultiply is a new utility Matchbox shader for Autodesk Flame/Smoke/etc. that does pretty much what its name suggests: Premultiplies fills by their mattes – it can unpremultiply too.  New update 14-Aug-2015 adds user-selectable background color.

Croptastic - A new Matchbox shader

Ever needed to quickly crop a tagline off a logo or do a quick split-screen and felt irritation having to do it with a GMask when all you wanted was a perfectly straight line?  Well, irritate no more and get Croptastic, a new matchbox shader for Autodesk Flame, Smoke, etc.



Astersk Primer

Looking to start playing with Asterisk but daunted by the number of configuration files and don't know where to start?  Check out my Asterisk Primer and learn how to set up a system from scratch.


Canon Log LUTs for Autodesk Smoke, Flame, etc.

Looking for LUTs in all the wrong places?  Look no more.

PinnedDown 2.1

Hurray, it's a new version of PinnedDown for 2014!  Since Avid finally completed the demise of Avid DS after a 15 year slow-murder since acquiring it, I've switched to Autodesk Flame and put in support for it in a new version of PinnedDown.

PinnedDown is a plugin for Lightwave 3D which takes up to 4 objects (usually NULLs) and exports their 2D screen position keyframes into Avid DS .fraw files or Autodesk IFFFS .ascii files, suitable for import into the Tracker node or Action node, respectively.


For more info and download links, hit up the PinnedDown page.

Other/Latest Ramblings

Command & Conquer Generals in Windows 7 x64

Getting Command & Conquer: Generals and/or Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour to launch in Windows 7 64-bit

G-Speed eS PRO 12TB Review

To call this hard drive array "whisper-quiet" is to call the Grand Canyon a "small drainage ditch."